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Meeting the amazing Sherrilyn Kenyon

Meeting the amazing Sherrilyn Kenyon!

I’m Melisa and I’m an avid reader. I love romance novels and decided, hey, why not write about what I love and hate about the genre. And my favorite books. And when I get to meet authors. And all round why romance novels are awesome. Expect a lot of fan-girling, laughter and some tears. Okay, the tears were just from when I meet Sherrilyn Kenyon. But seriously, how great is Sherrilyn Kenyon. Anyone who reads her books and doesn’t shed a single tear for Acheron, or Styxx or Darling Cruel, or Zarek, or Valerius, or Nykyrian, or basically all her heroes who have to be emotionally and physically tortured before they get a happy ending, has a heart of stone. As you can see, sometimes I rant.

I try to be honest and fair in all my reviews. Since I’m not a fan when people spoil books, I will try to avoid spoilers and if I can’t, I will announce loud and clear that this review has spoilers. Most of the books I review come from my collection, which is ever growing and slowly overtaking my room, or the library, because libraries are freaking awesome. I’m slowly receiving books from places like Netgalley in exchange for reviews.

Any questions, comments, recommendations, fan-girl moments, let me know!


15 responses to “About Me

  1. Lovely to meet a fellow blogger who love romance novels, Melisa. My favourite genre is historical romances but there is a sprinkling of contemporary romance in there too. I don’t generally read paranormal romance with the exception of J. R. Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood which is awesome.

    • Great to meet you too! As you can see, I read a variety of different romance genres. I started with historical romance when I was about 14 and then slowly moved into contemporary and then paranormal. If you like the Black Dagger Brotherhood, you’ll love Sherrilyn Kenyon’s Dark-Hunters series. Or Nalini Singh’s Psy-Changeling!

      • I have read some of the Dark-Hunter series but it was many years ago. I do have the first Psy-Changeling book but simply haven’t got around to reading it yet. The story of my life!

  2. otoolebridget

    Hi! Iโ€™ve nominated your blog for the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award! http://bit.ly/1ieS5w8

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  4. I’m with you! I love books, too. I don’t review as many as I used to, since I’m writing my own now. Thanks for the follow!

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  6. otoolebridget

    Here I come with another award nomination for your fabulous blog! I’ve nominated you for The Creative Blogger Award! http://bit.ly/1G6iZl0

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  8. Ell

    Hii, I tagged you in the 3 Days 3 Quotes Challenge, here is the link to the post ๐Ÿ™‚ https://ellsbookshelf.wordpress.com/2018/03/28/3-days-3-quotes-challenge-1/

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